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Stress Awareness Month

November 2021 saw BHC focussing on mental health and wellbeing amongst the workforce and client base. 

There was a focus on client wellbeing, with the team focussing on achieving exercise and nutrition goals with their regular clients.  Outings were organised to promote social inclusion, games were developed and we had a 'bring your pet to work day'. All for the cause. 

Perfect timing to focus on the issue of mental health and bring it back to the forefront of everyones minds. 



With two mental health first aiders in head office, and mental health champions in the field,  a mini workshop was put together to give staff time to reflect and talk about the impacts of the COVID pandemic and life in general. Games and team building exercises were designed to raise self awarenss of resilience, and also recognise indicators of stress and poor mental health amongst their client base and colleagues.